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Sliding Glass Doors with Built in Blinds

Sliding glass doors with built in blinds offer something that the normal doorway cannot provide. They offer a high degree of privacy which is often thought to be a major problem with sliding glass doors. House builders Around The Country Have Even come to install sliding glass doors with built in blinds into new build properties given the requirement from buyers that they expect to see these types of doors over that of traditional and often mundane decorations. Given that sliding glass doors are without doubt the largest expanse of glass in the house they help provide a ‘natural window’ to the outside helping frame your beautiful garden from indoors.

sliding glass doors with built in blindsNot only do they provide an amazing backdrop to your outside areas they are also extremely efficient allowing air to pass freely whilst keeping the heat loss to a minimum during the colder weather. In addition to these benefits, the use of sliding glass doors creates a huge space saving compared with traditional door openings. Since the doors slide onto themselves they are perfect for areas of the home which are constrained by space. Commonly homeowners consider that privacy is an issue however with an abundance of sliding glass doors with built in blinds available today you needn’t be concerned.

There is a huge array of styles and variations to the traditional sliding patio doors now available. Sliding Glass Doors With Built In blinds are just one of these alternatives. One of the main issues with traditional sliding glass door blinds is the fact that they are not ‘fixed’ and therefore can get blown about by the outside breeze should your sliding patio doors be open. This is the principle benefit of sliding glass doors with built in blinds given the blinds are securely anchored within their own housing ensuring that even on the blustery days the door blinds will not become tangled or dislodged from their housings.

More choices are available in terms of sliding glass doors with built in blinds. The secure blinds are also available in a variety of finishes to include natural wood effects, (oak, pine and walnut being the most common) and patterns. For those wishing to opt for the fabric designs sliding glass doors with built in blinds have a considerable choice and even customisations are able to be commissioned.

How Do I Clean Sliding Glass Doors with Built in Blinds

You maybe thinking how do I clean these blinds if they are secured in this ‘housing’? This is a good question and easily answered. The housing which effectively ‘frames’ the blinds is simply clicked into place via it’s plastic couplings. These can easily be levered out allowing you access to the blinds themselves for cleaning. Particularly with fabric patio door blinds, these can be taken out and placed in a bath of lukewarm water with a small amount of washing powder and left to soak. Before long you will have crystal clean and vibrant looking window blinds once again.

patio doors built in blindsDo not overlook making use of wooden blinds when shopping around for sliding glass doors with built in blinds. The wood effect finishes can produce some stunning results both in terms of the looks and the ease by which they can simply be cleaned through dusting. This is a consideration when choosing which patio door blinds are best for your home. Fabric blinds will need to be removed and cleaned with detergents whereas a wood finish blind can simply be dusted clean – much easier and to my mind, much better looking within the overall decor of the room.

One final tip when considering sliding glass doors with built in blinds is to pay attention to the manufacturers guarantee period. I mention this because purchasing fixed door blinds such as these are going to be a more sizable investment than traditional patio door blinds. Thus you will want to be sure that you have a sufficient guarantee period should anything happen to the housing or enclosed blinds.

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